Cost of Services: 

A first session is two-hours long and cost is $150.00 
Subsequent Sessions are 1.5 hours and cost is $100.00

Hypnosis portion of session is recorded so that you can take them home to listen while you sleep.  This drives positive suggestion deeper into your subconscious mind for quick, best results!!!! SUCCESS!!

Number of sessions is different for everyone and is determined by the client.  No two people or problems are alike and therefore it is based on individual client’s need.  Expect that you will feel better after just one session and will know if more are needed to resolve the issue. 

Smoking Cessation Package: 
3-session package cost is $250.00.  This is a savings of $100.00. 

Sometimes people know they will only need one session, but others feel they need extra support for things that didn’t get addressed in the first session or pesky habits that take a little more time to get rid of….

Others, find the extra sessions helpful if they feel like they are grieving the loss of “their friend” (smoking) or need tools for stress management as a nonsmoker… some people are left with a lot of inner conflict that can also be resolved with hypnosis.

So because everyone is different, the client determines which is the best path for them.  While you could start with commitment to one session and come back for more if needed…  But, when people commit to 3 sessions they are more likely to come back; while others may feel like spending $150 for a first session and it didn’t work, they are less likely to want to spend another $100 or $200. 

This way your commitment starts at the beginning!  You commit to becoming smoke-free for life!  You will know that you have the support you need to stick to your goal and find success!

 Small Group Hypnosis for Weight Management:  

Are offered periodically.  You can organize your own small group of friends and build a support system with a common goal;  “Weight Management.” 

This is NOT a weekly weigh-in group.  It is a hypnosis session for releasing bad habits, re-framing current thinking that no longer serves you, removing obstacles, increased self-esteem and self confidence as well as support, tips and wisdom from members.

Cost is $200 for 8 week session.
(meets every other week – 4 actual Sessions)
Hypnosis portion is recorded to use between sessions.Space is limited…Early Registration is a must.