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Evelyn Conrad

Evelyn Conrad trained and certified with the New England School of Clinical Hypnotherapy a state licensed school in 2007 and is also certified with the National Guild of Hypnotists. Her practice specializes in smoking cessation, stress reduction, self-esteem and confidence building, fertility, birthing, negative behaviors/habits, motivation, sports performance, anxiety and more. 


Evelyn owns and operates Your Birth Connection, a perinatal service she started in 1996. She has worked with pregnant women and their families since 1985 providing childbirth education, doula services, and lactation counseling. 

HypnoBirthing® was added to her repertoire of services in 2003. Since then, Evelyn has utilized hypnosis to prepare her clients for birth and has seen the incredible difference that confidence and self-esteem and releasing fear can make during the birth process and beyond. Birth is faster, less complicated and more comfortable. 

It was HypnoBirthing® that inspired Evelyn to increase her knowledge and have the desire to help all people realize their potential and enhance the quality of their lives.